Welcome to my Blog.

I am a writer.  I write stories, poems, reviews, and plays. I am an award-winning photographer with a collection of material that goes back thirty-plus years…

At 11 years old,  I won second place in the Black Penmanship Award for my poem What being black means to me.  As a secondary school student, one of my English teachers held me back after school as she was convinced that I had copied my poem which I submitted. I believe that my child self internalized that as a compliment and aged 22, I went on to have a collection of my poems published. Exploring all of me was first published in 1987 and republished in 2019. 

I am the author of Make the Changes, Feel the joy and How to Work and Live abroad successfully (e-book). I have chapters in This is Us: Black, British, and Female (2019), Trusted Black Girl, challenging perceptions and maximizing the potential of black women in the UK workplace, edited  Roianne Nedd (2018)

This blog houses many of my short stories that were written as an expatriate.  The stories are about my life in Malaysia, jamaica, Cameroun, and Ghana. Many of my other stories and poems appear in Fifth EstateDovetailsPure SlushHomeThe Writers CafĂ©. Flexiblepub, and I have essays and academic articles that have been published in Pambazuka, 72M, and Anastamos.

I am currently working on an anthology of writing by women who have lived and worked abroad.